Holiday Portrait Ideas for Your Children – Country Style

8 Holiday Portrait Ideas of your Children That Add a Little Country Flair to Your Season

Holiday portraits of your children don’t have to be complicated or time consuming, but they should be personal. If you like the country style like we do, here are some simple ideas that will make this season’s portraits of your little ones just a little more country.

There aren’t many rules except to bring a simple camera set-up to shoot on the fly (aka your phone), find a location that brings out everyone’s best and throw on some festive threads (aka cowboy boots) that set the festive mood.

Make it shimmer

Dress up was always my favorite pastime as a little girl and your little cowgirl will probably jump at the chance to put anything on that sparkles (I still do!). Let her pick out the brightest and sparkliest dress and add some cute cowgirl boots to contrast the girly with the gritty.


Add colorful cowboy boots

Just throwing on some bright colored cowboy boots can transform any holiday portrait into one that shows your love of all things country. Bright blue or pink cowgirl boots add an adorably girly and festive feel to any photo.


Two is better than one

As long as one isn’t pulling the other’s pigtails or kicking up too much dust in the other’s face, take a moment to photograph at least two kids together. It will be a nice way to play up the holiday spirit, even if it’s the spirit of sibling rivalry.


Add an animal

Visiting a petting zoo or a ranch is a great excursion idea for the whole family that will keep the western theme strong in your photograph while allowing everyone to have a fun memory to look back on. Catching spontaneous shots or even just allowing the animals to be a blur in the background will create the perfect mood.


Shoot next to a pine

Taking photos outdoors with your family can be a great opportunity to relax and enjoy quality time away from the hustle & bustle of the season against a beautiful landscape. Depending on where you live, pine trees, poinsettia and/or holly plants are a great, natural backdrop.


Focus on the boot

Make your photograph unique by framing just your little cowgirl’s boot. You can choose a fun pose or stage her against a wooden fence post to really capture an authentic country feel.


Make it black & white

There’s something timeless about a black/white photograph and cowboy boots that add a touch of country class. Just this simple effect will help make your photo stand out from the rest.


Add a filter

Through Instagram or countless free photo editing programs, you can add a filter that will transform a simple photo into a frame-able memory. Try the Instagram filter “Early Bird” or add a sepia-tone and grain effect to create a nostalgic feel that will be perfect for any cowboy Christmas holiday card.


Photographing your children for holiday portraits in a country western style can be a fun and simple way to connect to your kids while adding your own unique style. I hope these ideas inspire you and your family to enjoy the experience and the holidays to the fullest!

Written by Laura Jay

Designer, Copywriter, Blogger